Porn Talent Recruiter

Want to make money as a talent recruiter?

There are many other ways to make money in the adult entertainment industry aside from just appearing in the scenes itself. One of those ways is to be a talent recruiter and scout out potential performers to the porn industry and getting paid for it. It’s definitely one of the easiest ways you can make fast cash in the business too. You literally get paid for someone else other than yourself doing all the work. This is a great money making opportunity for girls who don’t make the cut for whatever reason and/or guys, since it’s very difficult to get into porn as a male. Either one, it is for sure a good alternative way of earning. Of course, even if being a performer yourself this method to earn some bucks isn’t limited to you either. If you know anyone that is interested in doing porn, be sure to send them over because this could be a referral fee you wouldn’t want to miss out on. If you are considering scouting out talent then you can earn up to $500 per referral! Basically, how it works is you submit your lead to us with their photos and contact information and we do the rest. Yes, it’s that simple However, in order to get paid. Your lead must actually follow through accordingly and complete the shoot.

We are only looking for female models for now. They must be over the age of 18 years old and up to 40 years old, preferably fit or curvy body type but not heavyset. Also, all different races are all welcome.

Here are 3 proven tips on how to find female models who are interested in adult work:

  1. Ads on classified sites.
    This is the most common talent search tactic used by porn recruiters all across the country. Chances are you’ve probably even seen an ad that says something like “Looking for sexy girls (18+)” on classified sites yourself. When creating an ad on classified sites, you must be aware of getting flagged. In order to avoid getting your ad taken down you should always be sure to make it look very compelling, nothing vague that would make the ad look sketchy or suspicious.
  2. Social Media.
    Reaching out to girls directly to their social media profiles rather it be a DM or what ever other way. The great thing about this method of scouting out leads is that you can at least hand pick and select who you feel meets the criteria instead of just blindly receiving submissions from a lot of unwanted applicants. However, just be sure to keep it casual that way you don’t come off as a creep and get blocked.
  3. In person.
    This way of recruiting future porn stars is the most challenging yet the most effective. Have you ever heard of the expression “You’ll never know until you ask”? That is absolutely right! You would be surprised how many interested recruits you can come up with just by simply approaching girls in public places and asking them if they would like to make a couple thousand dollars. Usually nobody turns down an opportunity to make money.

If you think this is a great and easy way for you to earn extra cash, why not get started immediately and possibly discover the next big thing in porn!