Adult Industry Money

3 ways to make money in the adult business.

The adult entertainment business doesn’t only consist of actors and actresses making love in front of a camera. It actually offers more opportunity than just performer gigs.
We will go ahead and list 3 of them. Though you may not hear of these porn industry jobs that often, they always have a lot of openings available and require little to no qualification.

  1. Adult talent recruiting.

First on the list is adult talent recruitment. If you haven’t read our article on How To Make Money As A Talent Recruiter, check it out now to learn all that you need to know about this quick and easy money-earning position.
Adult talent recruiters can earn up to $500 per female model you refer to us.

  1. Renting out your place for shoots.

If you have a nice and clean house or apartment in a major city where porn is typically shot and you would like to turn it into a shoot location, you could be in for earning some really fast and easy cash.
Some production companies will pay you up to 400 the same day just to use your spot for 5 to 8 hours of filming.

  1. Transporting talent to the set and back.

Lastly, is driving models to a shoot location and driving them back when they are done. Most talent fly in from out of town and need a ride while they don’t have access to their own vehicles.
Of course you must have a nicer and newer year car for this job. No porn star wants to get picked up and dropped off in a clunker.

Even though not all of us are going to live our dreams of becoming successful pornstars, the bright side is you don’t have to be one to get paid in the adult business.